About Me

Since 1996 I've worked in web development and IT. In 2006 I obtained my CISSP certification.

I started as a web developer in Montreal and Toronto, building websites for local and international customers through Drummer Associates and Delphi SuperNet. In 1998 I moved to Iris USA, a plastics manufacturer, to do cost analysis; in 1999 I was promoted to manager of a five person IT department, responsible for ongoing development of our homegrown ERP. In 2004 I moved to Vancouver to take a senior support position with RSA Security, and was soon promoted to Principal Engineer, responsible for support, support engineering, and relationship management of RSA's Fortune 100 customers using identity and access management products like ClearTrust and FIM, and encryption products like RSA Key Manager.

Most recently I was CTO of Tiipz, a technology startup based in Squamish, BC. Tiipz quickly became a leader in the mobile CRM space, meaning surveys and customer engagement via mobile devices. At Tiipz we worked with Microsoft on the launch of the most recent Windows Phone, doing entry/exit surveys for their live events and executing prize distribution with in-event surveys; with the Calgary Flames doing game surveying/prize distribution; with Whistler Blackcomb for their Deep Winter photo contest by running a viewer's choice survey, their on-mountain restaurant surveying, and their heli-skiing operation satisfaction surveys; and with Telus' Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival doing surveying and prize distribution for sponsors like Olympus, Coke, The Gap, Samsung, and a host of smaller vendors.

My jobs have given me end-to-end experiences of software and web development, both from customers as small as garage businesses to Fortune 100 companies like Bear Stearns and Walmart, and from front end web sites and web applications to backend enterprise-scale databases. At Iris USA I was lead developer for several new systems, including a complete CRM and a custom EDS-like channel to one of our retailers. At RSA Security I was an important part of the deployment and ongoing maintenance of ClearTrust at several large companies like Astrazeneca and Merck; this involved both troubleshooting, defect management, and developer support.

My preferences these days run towards working with open source web technologies like Python/Django and PostgreSQL in a cloud environment (which is how everything was done at Tiipz), but I've had a broad experience and am capable of working with almost any mainstream technology.

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